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"I kid you not, right after finishing the 'Advanced' program, I booked the leading role in a major commercial.

Lunathi Mampofu - Award Winning Actress & Producer


Hi, I’m Jana Reinermann, Actress, TV Commercial Producer & Performance Coach.

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First off, let’s lay the foundation with the STARTER workshop:

In the signature workshop, you'll...

And then…

Getting you ready to dig a lot deeper into the PROFESSIONAL Workshop

This 4-week intensive video course, includes...

Here's exactly what you'll get inside the ADVANCED Bundle:

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Starter Worskhop




Module Breakdown

Post-Casting Etiquette: Do's & Don'ts for Casting Directors & Agents.
✓ 3 Important questions that will drastically improve your casting.
✓ After-Casting etiquette: do's & don't's for casting directors & agents.
(Total Value: $67)

Get My Personal Feedback For Free!
✓ Introduce yourself as learned & answer the question “Tell me more about yourself?” on camera.
✓ Upload your video on the private community platform.
✓ or send it in a direct message on Instagram @CastandConquer
(Total Value: $250)

Professional Worskhop




Module Breakdown

General, Physical & Psychological Landmines

✓ 10 Habits you're probably not aware of, that can cost you the job.
✓ Why does the tone of your voice matter?
✓ How to deal with competition in the industry
(Total Value: $149)

Angles, Frames, Eyes, Continuity & Intimacy
✓ Filming is a non-linear process & what this means for you.
✓ How to move in front of the camera.
✓ Camera, roll, and action!
(Total Value: $149)

+ These amazing Bonuses:

Exclusive Community Membership


Access, anytime, anywhere


The private facebook Cast & Conquer Community is only accessible for workshop attendees.
Once you become a student, you'll have free and lifetime access to this training and all the materials for as long as the course is online.

"Other than having the right look, a great talent needs to have performance ability, confidence in front of the camera and an ability to listen to direction and carry it out."

Michelle Godson - Producer and Founder(Outpost Films)

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Here's everything that's included
with the Advanced Bundle

PLUS you'll receive instant access to these free bonuses

pro recap

Here's everything that's included
with the Advanced Bundle

Plus you'll receive instant access to these free bonuses

“Thanks to Cast & Conquer, I feel much more confident attending commercial castings & performing in front of the camera.”

Caroline Dittmann - Model (Most Wanted)



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Then you’re in the right place & I will help shorten your learning curve. If I had known 1% of the training I’m about to guide you through when I was starting out, it would have saved me years of struggle, heartache, tears, and money. If you use what I’m about to teach you as the foundation for pursuing a commercial career, you’ll not only find your way to a successful commercial career, but you’ll also have gotten an education that took me over a decade to acquire. If you’re just starting out, this bundle will help guide the way for many breakthroughs!

Not likely. Why? YOU are in control of your progress and how much of each module you want to go through at a time. Each module is broken down into several easy-to-consume short videos where I happily walk you through every single step - so you always know exactly what to do next. You can watch on your own time, no matter where the day takes you. You can start on your laptop, resume on your ipad, and listen to an audio on your phone while waiting at a casting. It’s totally doable, portable, and designed to help you create a simple and fun learning experience.

I DOUBT IT. These courses are tailor made for TV commercial castings and hence all the learnings, tools and exercises target this specific niche. I, myself have been looking for courses like these, for years, in vain. Which is why I created ‘Cast & Conquer’ in the first place. You will learn how to master a casting from the beginning to the end. In short-“SOME THINGS MIGHT OVERLAP, BUT THESE COURSES ARE TAILOR MADE FOR TV COMMERCIAL CASTINGS AND ARE ONE OF A KIND"

If you feel stuck or frustrated in any area of your commercial career - no matter what level you are at - these courses will help you. Many veteran talent have taken them and were blown away at how many changes they made in their careers, even though they’ve been in this business forever. So the short answer is, YES, this will help you.

You’ll have free, lifetime access to the courses for as long as they're online. So anytime there’s an update in course materials, video training, worksheets or meditations, you’ll have free + lifetime access. You’ll also remain an alumni in the private online Cast & Conquer community, so you can stay connected with and supported by this vibrant community for as long as you wish.

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“Standing out against everyone else at a casting means ‘personality’, ‘confidence’ and ‘having done your homework’. Cast & Conquer is a one-stop-shop for all of the above"

Bernardo da Fonseca - Executive Producer (Lisboa Films)

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