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Hi, I’m Jana Reinermann, Actress, TV Commercial Producer & Performance Coach.

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The Professional Workshop

Basics of Acting and Improvisation

This 4-week workshop is a game changing intensive online course (and online community) to help you radically transform your casting game (and your success rate) faster than you ever thought possible.


Here's exactly what you'll learn when you enroll in​:

The Professional Workshop

Basics of acting and improvisation
(This is just a SAMPLE of what you’ll discover when you dig into this system)

Module #1

The role of talent

Fearless Objectives, Busting Myths & Setting The Record Straight

10 Video lessons, 1 Acting Exercise, 2 Improv Challenges, Downloadable Workbook, Resources and more…

Module #2

Being one step ahead

Learning, Transforming & Playing

10 Video lessons, 1 Acting Exercise, 2 Improv Challenges, Downloadable Workbook, Exlcusive Insights, Resources and more…

Module #3

Conquering Challenges

Controlling Performances & Mastering Your Mindset

9 Video lessons, 3 Acting Exercises, 1 Improv Challenge, Downloadable Workbook, Exclusive Insights, Resources, Actionable Tools and more…

Module #4

Bring home
the bacon

Performing, Playing & Winning Fearlessly

11 Video lessons, 2 Acting Exercises, 1 Improv Challenge, Downloadable Workbook, Exclusive Insights, Resources, Actionable Tools and more…

Want Bonuses?

I've got you covered.

To help jumpstart your transformation right away,
I'm giving you instant access to these awesome bonuses!

Bonus Module #1

Unexpected Casting Ladmines

General, Physical & Psychological Landmines

1 Video Lesson, Resources, Exclusive Insights & more...

Bonus Module #2

Getting you ready for set

Angles, Frames, Eyes, Continuity & Intimacy

1 Video Lesson, Resources, Exclusive Insights & more...

Bonus Module #3

We are in this together

Exclusive Membership to an Online Community

The private Facebook: Cast & Conquer Community is only accessible for workshop attendees.

Bonus Module #4

Lifetime access

Access Whenever & Wherever You Need It

Once you become a student, you'll have free, lifetime access to this training course and all the materials for as long as the course is online.

Everything you need will be at your fingertips, 24/7, on ANY device.

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Here's everything that's included with the "Professional" Online Workshop

Plus you'll receive instant access to these free bonuses

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Then you’re in the right place & I will help shorten your learning curve. If I had known 1% of the training I’m about to guide you through when I was starting out, it would have saved me years of struggle, heartache, tears, and money.

If you use what I’m about to teach you as the foundation for pursuing a commercial career, you’ll not only find your way to a successful commercial career, but you’ll also have gotten an education that took me over a decade to acquire. If you’re just starting out, this course will help guide the way for many breakthroughs!

Not likely. Why? YOU are in control of your progress and how much of each module you want to go through at a time. Each module is broken down into several easy-to-consume short videos where I happily walk you through every single step - so you always know exactly what to do next.

You can watch on your own time, no matter where the day takes you. You can start on your laptop, resume on your ipad, and listen to an audio on your phone while waiting at a casting. It’s totally doable, portable, and designed to help you create a aimple and fun learning experience.

I DOUBT IT. This course is tailor made for TV Commercial castings and hence all the learnings, tools and exercises target this specific niche. It’s a very big market but somehow I have not come around any detailed acting/ improv classes specifically made for it… that’s why this course now exists… You will learn how to play any given casting scene and how to perform freely and spontaneously in front of the camera. “IN SHORT- SOME THINGS MIGHT OVERLAPP BUT THIS COURSE IS TAILOR MADE FOR TV COMMERCIAL CASTINGS AND ONE OF A KIND”

If you feel stuck or frustrated in any area of your commercial career - no matter what level you are at - this course will help you. Many veteran talent have taken the course and were blown away at how many changes they made in their careers, even though they’ve been in this business forever. So the short answer is, YES, this will help you.

Yes. Enrolling in this course is an investment in your career AND yourself.

When you take into consideration how much you will earn booking just ONE commercial spot (which averages around $5600 in the US & Europe and R30.000 in SA), you quickly realize that the outlay for the workshop is just a small percentage of what you will potentially acquire.

This is not spending money frivolously, hoping it will work out. The return on your investment will be immense + you will have the tools to transform your commercial you’ll come back to again and again. What would that be worth to you?

PLUS, when you add up what it would cost you to gather this level of training on your own, you’d spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars (and they’re probably wouldn’t be a guarantee).

So the real question becomes, “What is a proven workshop system and a set of tools to maximize my full potential in my commercial career and help me be more self- confident worth to me?” I’m guessing...priceless.

I'm guessing... priceless.

You’ll have free, lifetime access to the course for as long as it’s online. So anytime there’s an update in course materials, video training, worksheets or meditations, you’ll have free + lifetime access. You’ll also remain an alumni in the private online Cast & Conquer community, so you can stay connected with and supported by this vibrant community for as long as you wish.

I put a lot of expertise, time, love and effort into building this workshop and know it’s worth every penny (way more actually!) … HOWEVER, my main reason for creating these workshops is helping and inspiring others. Not just to gain more commercial success, but to explore their creativity, find joy in playing and building self- confidence each time they let go, when they fail + stand back up, conquer and eventually succeed… that’s why I want to gift this workshop to those who I strongly feel are genuinely willing to work on themselves and ready to share their light with the world. If you truly cannot find any possible way to afford the course, you can apply for one of a few limited Cast & Conquer Scholarships. Please makes sure to read the following application requirements carefully:

Filming Requirements: Good light/ horizonal format/ clear sound.

Record a video of yourself answering the following questions:

  • What’s your name, age, profession & where are you from?
  • What do you struggle most with when it comes to commercial castings and how does this affect you personally or emotionally?
  • How would the best version of yourself attend (& rock) a casting? (What would it look like, walk like, dress like, act like, feel like?

Send the video via email or send me a direct message on the @Castandconquer Instagram handle.

“Self-confidence and being ‘natural’ in front of camera makes a talent stand out at castings”
- MICHELLE GODSON TVC Producer (Outpost Films)


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Professional Workshop

Basics of Acting and Improvisation

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